Patron Behavior Policy

The Harrington Park Public Library welcomes its patrons to use its materials, services and building in a safe and pleasant environment.  While everyone has an equal right to access library services, no person has the right to interfere with the ability of others to use and enjoy library resources and services.  To this end, the Harrington Park Library sets standards of acceptable behavior on library premises to ensure an atmosphere that encourages the use and enjoyment of library resources and services, promotes the safety of the general public and the library staff, and protects library materials, equipment, building and grounds.​

  • Interferes with the rights of other patrons to use the library.

  • Disrupts the normal functioning of the library.

  • May result in physical, emotional, or mental injury to oneself or others.

  • May result in damage to materials, equipment, building and grounds.

  • Constitutes a failure to comply with library staff directives.

  • Require anyone who engages in disruptive behavior to leave the premises.

  • Restrict library privileges of disruptive individuals for a specified period of time.

  • Ban disruptive individuals from library premises for a specified period of time. 

Library staff will verbally notify the disruptive individual that he or she is in violation of the standards of acceptable behavior. Repeated disruptive behavior may be reported to parents or the police.  Further disciplinary action will be determined on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Library Director.  Unlawful activities will be reported immediately to the HP Police Department.


The Library welcomes students who are engaged in activities appropriate to the library setting. During the school year the library experiences very high attendance at the close of the school day. HP school students, in particular, are heavy users of the facility between 3:15 and 5:00pm. Students visiting the library after school are expected to abide by all of the directives regarding proper behavior in the library. The library reserves the right to request identification from students engaged in unacceptable behavior so that their parents, caretakers and/or the police may be contacted. Repeated instances of unacceptable behavior by students will result in the student’s suspension or revocation of library privileges.  

The Harrington Park Public Library is committed to providing materials, information, services and programs to inform, educate, and enrich the lives of our residents.  We strive to do this in a welcoming environment as we embrace technology and other means of delivering our services within our budgetary constraints.

Director Judy Heldman

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